Adsense ?

AdSense is a program on the Google ad network that allows website or YouTube channel owners to display ads (banners, text ads, videos, or search results) for a fee. Therefore, AdSense is a way for webmasters to monetize your website traffic.

AdSense compensation method

The remuneration of websites depends on the number of clicks made on the ads, or more rarely on the number of times the ads have been seen (in the case of sites with high awareness and high traffic). The cost per click (CPC) depends on the topics and their competitive level.

Where do the ads come from?

The ads were written by advertisers who used the services of Google Adwords. The latter have explicitly indicated that they want to publish their ads on the Adwords Display network. They can then target by keywords, interest, or remarketing. They may also choose a specific website where they want their ads to appear.

Google’s commercial margin corresponds to the difference between the price paid by advertisers on Adwords and the amount paid to webmasters from different associated sites.

How are the ads chosen?

Ads are automatically managed by AdSense. The system uses the content of the page and / or the theme of the site to determine the ads that are considered relevant to the user (except in the case of remarketing). The format of the ads and, therefore, the space allocated by webmasters to the ads will also allow showing only the inserts whose format is compatible with this space. However, the webmaster may exclude certain categories of ads.

How to use AdSense services to monetize your website?

Just sign up here: The website owner will have to insert a code on their site in order to display the ads. Before you can stream ads, a validation period of several weeks may be required.

AdSense program rules

The AdSense program has many rules that, if not followed, will result in the exclusion of offending sites from the program. Among the prohibited practices, we find, for example, automatic clicks on ads on our own site (false clicks).