How can I increase keyword rankings from 2nd to first page Google?

is a very simple thing to do. There are a lot of factors that will get you on the first page of Google on the algorithm. There are 2 steps that must be put away. These steps are to improve your SEO ON Page and SEO OFF Page

Why is your keyword all in the 2nd page ?

I think there are a few reasons for this: 1- low quality website (content optimization concern, Meta description) 2 – Lack of appropriate internal links. 3 – Using Blackhat SEO Techniques 4 – Mobile reactivity and speed problem. 5 – No blog page If you encounter these issues, resolve them promptly. When you do these repairs, it will take 1 week to a month to index your website’s position. Additionally, you can use schema annotations to more accurately inform the search writers you read the better, it will show you the best. Remember to earn healthy and natural backlinks. from 2.0 web sites and social bookmarking sites. Social media is a great way to gain quality, healthy, and natural backlinks from interested users.

Best things to do to optimise your On page

Now in my opinion, if you are already seeing the keyword rankings on the second page, the best thing to do is to continue optimizing your page.

Fix your interconnection ( Internal links) between pages. Add a contextual link or 2 of your most successful pages to a page ranking for the keyword of page 2. Remember to keep it natural and don’t force it not.

Check your keyword density against your competition on page 1 . Do they have lower / higher density? Aim to shoot very slightly above their density. Optimize your pages accordingly.

Put your LSI keyword (synonym) in your H1 , then also optimize your H2 for a similar query. Sometimes it works better than expected.

Also check the following details :

Then check the tags H1, H2, H3, H4, H5.

Does your focus keyword appear in the URL of the page? What about the length of the meta description, is it enough?

What about your Altnate tag, anchor text , photos of features, etc.? Do you have your keyword tag for them?

Are you using your keyword in H2 format ? Does your anchor text link to your internal and external linking page ?

Does your content provide value to user?

How about the length of your content up to 2500 plus? Do your images on this page contain alt attributes with the keyword you want to optimize?

How many words do you have in each paragraph ? Does your content have good readability ?

All of this and more contributes to your ranking. I rank a lot on the first page and the only way to do that is based on the question above if your content is up to par.

If your content can pass these questions above and a few others, you have fixed the Onpage SEO problems.

Things to to improve your Off page SEO :

For Offpage SEO; how many backlinks do you have that link to this page and your site? I’m not talking about blackhat backlinks.

I mean authority site, influencers in your niche, .gov, .edu sites. Did you point them to your site or content? What about your social signals?

How many backlinks do you link to your competitor site?

If these things don’t work out I would consider building 1-3 high powered backlinks with associated anchor text. You can find them in a number of ways, like here How To Build Backlinks When You Are New To SEO For Your Site

I can’t wait to see your content on the first page of Google