Google Adsense allows to sell your advertising spaces to third parties

Google has announced that AdSense is now allowing ads from other ad technology providers to appear through your account.

Google says that “it can potentially lead to higher profits.” But you can control them with new parameters in the lock controls section.

A note, those providers that are Google certified for third party ads. Google said it is carrying out an extensive certification process to ensure that ad networks meet Google’s requirements for third-party advertising regarding user privacy, measurement accuracy, latency, and compliance with their creative policies.

Here is a list of some of these external providers.

Regardless, if you want to control which ads appear, if any:

Sign in to your AdSense account

Click on “Settings” -> “Ad Review Center” -> “Sites” -> “Posting Ads

Click the blue link “Manage ad serving

There is an “Other Ad Technology Providers” option that you enable to allow ads to appear that use other third-party ad technology providers on your account.

Google AdSense states in its advertisement post:

“Other providers of advertising technologies.

July 1, 2020

AdSense now allows ads from other ad technology providers to appear on your account. You can increase the amount of ads that can be shown to your users, which can help increase your revenue.

We have added a new setting to your account’s “Ad serving” tab to allow you to block these additional providers. “

This control expands the list of third-party ad technology providers that are authorized to display ads through your AdSense account.

These providers use technologies, such as cookies and pixels, to display personalized user ads, and advertisers use them to target and inform.

Google says this control does not override the consent of EU users, the California Consumer Privacy Act or other privacy and privacy regulations.

With this update, Google AdSense enables third-party providers used by advertisers to purchase your advertising space.

Allowing other ad technology providers will increase the number of ads that can be shown to your users, which can help increase your revenue.