Have you heard of 40/40/20 rule?

When it comes to FB ads, most entrepreneurs and marketers only chase the latest shiny object.

The latest “trick” for which they think is their solution for their low-performing ads.

But they forget that marketing existed waaaay before the internet was invented. And that marketers of the past couldn’t rely on fancy tools to come up with profitable ads and campaigns.

Everything they learned came from spending their own money (lots of it) on testing, measuring, comparing data.

And since they were investing a lot of money into their campaigns, they needed to be sure that they’re doing ONLY the right things. Things that work.

And the secrets that they’ve discovered are more applicable and important today than they were 50 or 60 years ago.

One of those secrets is the “40/40/20” rule.

Which means: the success of your campaign will depend – 40% on the list (the audience) that you’re advertising to, 40% on the offer that you’re presenting them, and 20% on the final creative execution.

Wow, right?

Only 20% of your ad’s success will depend on the image, or the copy, or the ad type that you choose.

Which means that even if you screw up the creative, but if you nail the audience and the offer, your ad will most likely succeed!

But miss the audience or the offer, and the chances of success are no better than winning on a roulette.

And when I think about this, this is exactly what I’m seeing with my own ads.

The more time I spend on targeting, the better my results are.

Unfortunately, 99% of all advertisers are making 3 deadly targeting mistakes  that cost them sales and profits.

To help you avoid making those mistakes, as well as increase the ROI on your FB ads, I will write and new article.

You’ll see which 3 deadly mistakes 99% of FB advertisers are making. And you’ll see a quick and easy way to stop doing them, so you could get much better results from your FB ads.