Create a site with your own domain name

Don’t use a free host because your site will have banners and other types of advertising, such as pop-ups. Google will reject your site for lack of professionalism.

Very important note: it is essential to create a website based on a useful service or product for people and not to create a site just to try to earn income with Adsenses and the keywords that pay more. Advertisers have to earn money to understand the usefulness of Adsenses. By having useful content, people will not be fooled. If advertisers have useless visitors who click on your ads, then you are hurting yourself because these same advertisers would lose ad revenue and see that Adsenses offers no return on your investment.

Place your ads wisely and visible

Don’t put your ads at the bottom of the page, put them at the top so they can be seen. Close to the navigation bar if possible.

Place one ad group per page

Having multiple is worse than nothing because the visitor doesn’t like dozens of ads on one page.

Consider your pages for things other than Adsense, it has services, products, directories, forums.

Recognize that your site must have different themes. Use relevant keywords for your pages in titles, links, top of page, H tags, etc.

Don’t put ads on empty pages.
Google wouldn’t know which ads to insert.

Preserve your content and increase

Ads should not distract visitors from content or they will leave quickly. Use Adsense as a supplement to your pages and not for the purpose of generating income. Good content will generate revenue, but poor content with lots of ads will scare the visitor.

Verify, find and analyze click access data

To know the pages and clicks that people have made, just integrate a script on our site and our server. Read this article in French. AdSense tracking

Where to position Google AdSense ads

Google gives us to correctly position Adsense ads on our web pages. In this little diagram, you can see that the more the area tends towards dark orange, the better the performance and vice versa for light yellow areas