How scaling ads in 2020

Here’s my best-converting audience on Facebook 👇

I was mentioning yesterday that targeting is the most crucial aspect of a winning campaign, remember?

However, if you are using Facebook’s interest-based targeting you’ve probably realized there’s a huge problem…

You set up your campaign with multiple interests you think are gonna work, but then the results are kind of…

And here’s where the problem lies.

Because you’re not able to dig deeper to find out which interests are working or which ones are not.  

Your data is all mixed up, like a tomato minestrone soup. 

But the truth is that usually, inside your “tomato minestrone campaign”, there are some interests that are doing REALLY well.

But there’s no way you can tell which ones… until today! (keep reading below)

Starting today you can see which interests are bringing you bling-bling and which ones are not.

This is not something I found out yesterday. What I am showing you here has been put through some rigorous testing with my own business.

For example, usually, when I use interest-based targeting I go after interests like Russell Brunson, Infusionsoft, Ryan Deiss, Dean Graziosi…etc

However lately these interests haven’t been converting for me. I got nothing out of them.

A big fat 0.

And while these were goldmines in the past, now every company in the marketing space is going after them. They are over-saturated.

But guess what? When I used “Audience Testing” I could pin-point one interest in my campaign that was blowing up! 🎯💥

Providing me with a 2:1 return on ad spend, straight from a freezing cold audience.

The interest is Jack Ma. The founder of Alibaba. (see screenshot 👇)

I would have never thought that people who follow Jack Ma would be so interested in purchasing.

But thanks to the audience testing feature I am now in a position to pause Dean Graziosi, Infusionsoft, Russell Brunson… and scale Jack Ma to the moon.

PS: The results I share above are for my own business. So going into FB Ads Manager and start targeting Jack Ma is probably not going to work for your business. At least, not in the long run. Instead, learn how to find untapped audiences for your niche and use the audience testing feature just like I did. I bet there are multiple winning audiences you haven’t even thought of